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This form is a Warranty Deed where the granter is an individual and the grantee is an individual. This deed gives the grantee a life estate interest in the described real property.

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[Music] what happens to property when the owner dies in most cases the property must go through probate is a court process for transferring a deceased person's property to his or her heirs even if a person has a will some form of court proceeding is usually required to transfer real estate a life estate deed is a special form of deed that is designed to avoid probate with a life estate deed the owner names someone else to receive the property when the owner dies the owner keeps an interest in the property for his or her life this interest is called a life estate when the owner dies the life estate ends and the property is automatically transferred to the person named in the life estate deed there are different types of life estate deeds including Lady Bird deeds and traditional life estate deeds there are also differences in how the laws of each state treat life estate deeds these differences have important consequences many generic forms that you find online don't take these differences into account it's important to use the correct form of life estate deed for your state and your specific situation our deed preparation platform helps you create your own deed in minutes it walks you through a step by step interview to collect the information needed to create the deed once the interview is complete our software generates a deed that is customized to your state and your specific situation to get started visit WWE
What is life estate deed form?
A life estate deed is a special deed form that allows a property owner to use the property during life and transfer the property automatically at death. ... Life estate deeds are the oldest form of deed for avoiding probate at death and are well-established in most states.
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